Furniture Online Networking Event

Under the epidemic, furniture buyers and suppliers can hardly go out to buy furniture or promote their products. Therefore, we regularly invite furniture buyers and suppliers from home and abroad to conduct online furniture ordering meetings to solve their urgent needs.


The list of clients present is as follows (not exhaustive):

UK ASG Trading
UK CFS of Leicester
UK Gallery Direct
UK Garden Sense UK
Sweden Mobelimport AB
German Trio Leuchten GmbH
Italy Gian Paolo
Denmark Design House International
Denmark Trade Point
UAE Casafina Home
UAE Nakheel
Saudi Al Jedaie office furniture
Saudi Aldriweesh Furniture
Saudi Almutaq Furniture
Bahrain Havelock one interiors
South Africa DiscountDecor
South Africa Shoprite
Taiwan Cottonwood
Thailand Asia Dynamics
Thailand Deesawat
Thailand Living Icon
Belarus AKS Mebel
India Centrix Interior
India Access India
India Glasspalace
Pakistan IdeyaFix
Pakistan Houseology
Nigeria SSS Solar
Iran Namira Furniture
Kenya Formfunc Studio
Uruguay Satec
Peru Pramar Global SAC