To support each business owner for COVID-19 recovery, Racing Champ Exhibitions HK group (RCIE) created EAFOX Online to organize exhibitions and business activities in the virtual world. EAFOX has everything you need in order to drive your business forward, including Exhibitors Profiles, Product Information and Business networking.

Work From Home (WFH) has become the new normal for most workers particularly among western countries. For instance, virtual webinars and conferences are widely used in the exhibition and convention industry. As events are going digital, online meetings are considered as the powerful event marketing for most Chinese enterprises. Although most events were cancelled or postponed during COVID-19 pandemic, RCIE organized several “online” exhibitions in 2020. We bought buyers and sellers together, both of them mutually benefited from the events.

Many businesses have been hindered by the pandemic, overseas buyers can not travel to China and Asia for sourcing. As requested by our clients, innovative solutions are proposed to help your businesses survive. EAFOX Online is an ideal platform to promote B2B sourcing events as well as bringing clients’ business to the next level.