Furniture Exhibition

Home Furniture

Exhibition Info: Home furniture, Vintage, Antique, Hotel Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Upholstery Furniture, Sofa, Kids Furniture, Dining Table, and Chair

International exhibitors will attend and present their collections in various styles.


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture, garden furniture, garden lighting and related equipment, outdoor umbrellas and umbrella seats, barbecue grills, garden design, and fences, present exhibitors with high-quality, uniquely designed products and comprehensive industry trends. Outdoor furniture exhibitions are professionally suitable for Chinese companies to expand their business.


Office Furniture

Tables, Seating desk and workplace, space division.

The latest items, new arrival/latest design.

The most advanced concept leads the development to become the best display platform for all kinds of decoration designs.



Wood, panels, wooden doors, and interior decoration, cabinets, adhesives, edge banding, office/modern furniture materials, machinery, and look around the world’s largest and long-standing exhibitions to let everyone understand relevant industry trends and exchange information, and finally To achieve the purpose of trade cooperation.