Racing Champ Exhibitions Group Hong Kong (RCIE) is a professional exhibition agent, specialised in event planning and management for organizing international B2B exhibitions. With over 23 years of experience, RCIE has established and maintained a close relationship with key associations from across the world. As your trusted business partner, we offer a full-service:

Shipping Logistic

RCIE is one of the experts in the field of furniture exhibitions. We have partnered with reliable freight forwarding companies to ensure your shipments arrive at the destination in advance of the exhibition date







FAM Trip

It is designed to support newcomers and exhibitors who are looking for hassle-free services. RCIE is available to help simplify and organize everything for the site visit. FAM trips will be led by a group of exhibition elites, you can discover the destination first hand and benefit from local partners

Transportation (Air/Land)

Coordinate with airline and local transport providers to deliver a seamless experience for exhibitors or international audiences




Booth Design

We provide booth design ideas to help reduce your stress. You can choose a standard booth that will be designed and decorated by RCIE. Alternatively, you can provide drawings and RCIE will appoint a contractor to design and construct stands




Hotel Accommodation

A comfort hotel will further enhance your stays at the destination. During the exhibition period, you will stay in star hotels with a full board service


Online Networking Event

Suppliers can meet and introduce their products to suitable buyers



Provide overseas warehouse storage services to facilitate customers to store goods abroad temporarily.



Exhibition booking 

Providing pre-order domestic and international exhibitions to ensure smooth participation.