Opportunities for Asian E-Commerce Markets 

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to stay home and keep social distance. When global countries further tighten preventive measures, consumers have switched heavily to online purchases, driving the expansion of e-commerce towards business activities, buying habits and types of products.

Under the advancement in Internet and digital technology, O2O business is growing stronger, whatever retail, F&B, or other service providers, tend to open up the online channel to increase their exposure and business coverage through the internet.  E-commerce service providers, end-users, or business users, lack a channel to exchange information, which lead to an obstacle in the development of E-commerce.


1) To networking Asian associations for the information exchange in E-commerce, as well as the member companies to contact with target customer groups

2) To promote E-commerce to SMEs and end-users, stimulate the application in B2B and B2C.

3) To discuss about the existing application of E-commerce in Asia area